Spirits Tavern in  Dahlonega, Ga.

Like their websites states - "We are passionate about our food and where it comes from. That’s why we use the best possible ingredients, including humanely raised, antibiotic-free and hormone-free meats." This is a must visit great food and beverage.

It is located about 200' off the square - an easy walk!

spirits tavern dahlonega
spirits tavern dahlonega

Great Food!

After an appetizer of fried green beans, we had a couple of lunch items - a Chicago dog pictured here and a trout sandwich--just delicious!! The dog was as good as it gets - loaded and tasty!

(See other images below!)

The American menu is full of great sounding food and we will be back for more!

Our pours of beer and wine were very ample!!

Service the Spirit Tavern

We arrived mid-week during October to find Dahlonega a busy place with fall leaf lookers. 

The staff at Spirit's is very friendly! There was a brief wait for a table but we are bar people and sat there immediately. The bar tender was very attentive  serving up ample pours of all your favorite beverages. The back kitchen staff got our orders to us in about 8 minutes - very impressive! Let's just say this place does it right as they were very well staffed.

...more Spirits Tavern images...

spirits tavern dahlonega ga
spirits tavern dahlonega ga
spirits tavern dahlonega ga

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