Blue Ridge Mountains - North Georgia Weather

North Georgia, as we see it here at Tour North Georgia, varies in elevation from about 1200' up to  4,784'  at Brasstown Bald - the highest point in the State of Georgia. As a result the weather can vary greatly! 
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North Georgia Weather...

As a result in the more that 3000' in elevation change the the resulting changes in weather, we provide localized weather on each town's web page on Tour North Georgia! 

Please visit the various mountain towns we cover - the special, local weather is there.  Please scroll down for weather observations in Dahlonega and Dillard Georgia as well as Sapphire Valley, North Carolina! 

Blue Ridge Mountain Weather in 
Dahlonega, GA

Dahlonega GA forecast

Blue Ridge Mountain Weather in
Dillard, Ga
Dillard is one of the most northern towns in Northeast Georgia, just south of the North Carolina line.

The latest dillard weather

Temperature change with elevation

On average, you will loose about 3-3.5 degrees F for every 1000ft in elevation you gain. For example, our Chestatee (North Georgia) area is just over 1100'. Our Sapphire Valley, NC operating base is 3200' on the valley floor. This causes the temperatures to be about 7 degrees cooler there. 

May 2022 Observation Data: On May 3, 2022 it was 84 degrees at our Chestatee Weather Station while the weather station on Trey's Island Road in Sapphire Valley registered 78 degrees. A 6 degree variance and right in line with our estimations!