Hiawassee, Georgia

Brasstown Bald is Georgia's highest peak at over 4000' and is found near Hiawasee Georgia. Additionally, with the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lake Chatuge and the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds - Hiwassee is a family's mountain experience just waiting for you!

Hiawassee and Lake Chatuge

Hiawassee and Lake Chatuge Georgia is one of the most picturesque areas in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Attacking visitors and summer residence from all over the country, it is a great area to get outdoors.

Lake Chatuge was built in 1942 as part of the Tennessee Valley Authority‚Äôs lakes projects. Unlike many other TVA lakes built during this time that were built to supply power during World War II, Lake Chatuge was originally built to control flooding and aid in navigation control downstream. 

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Dining in Hiawassee Ga.

Here are the top 5 restaurants in Hiawssee and Lake Chatuge according to TripAdvisor.

For more dining options, visit this page [TripAdvisor].

Top 5 Hiawasee Ga Restaurants

Hiawassee GA Restaurants
The Happy Hawg
1586 Highway 76, Hiawassee, GA 30546-2170
Closed Mon, Tues, Wed

Monte Alban Restaurant
581 N Main St, Hiawassee, GA 30546-2219
Sundance Grill
715 N Main St, Hiawassee, GA 30546-2220
Daniel's Steakhouse
273 Big Sky Dr, Hiawassee, GA 30546-2240
Closes 4PM Sunday
Hawg Wild BBQ & Catfish House
625 US Highway 76 West, Hiawassee, GA 30546-2150
Closed Mon,Tues, Closes 3PM Sun

Hiawassee Georgia and The Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds

The Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds, which opened in 1978, is home to several popular events throughout the year including the Georgia Mountain Fair, Georgia Mountain Moonshine Cruiz-In, Georgia Mountain Fall Festival, Superstar concerts, and Georgia's Official State Fiddlers' Convention. Located on a 161-acre (0.65 km2) tact along the shores of Lake Chatuge in the north Georgia mountain community of Hiawassee, the Fairgrounds offers a glimpse into the past with its historic Pioneer Village, an expansive and comfortable music venue in the Anderson Music Hall, the Hamilton Rhododendron Gardens and 189 RV camp sites with lake views and modern conveniences.

The Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds is just a about 1/2 mile south of Hiawassee. 


Hiawassee, Georgia

 Hiawassee , Georgia is the county seat of Towns County in Georgia. With less than 1,000 in population - this city is a hidden gem resting next to Lake Chatuge in the Georgia Mountains.

The City's name comes from the Cherokee - meaning " meadow". Hiawassee the town was formed in 1856 and incorporated in 1870. The City was incorporated in 1916. Video: Hi-Tech Hikers

Hiawassee Georgia and Lake Chatuge

Lake Chatuge's history is is just like many other lakes constructed by the TVA in the 1940s to support the war effort, primarily supply power to build aircraft and other heavy munitions. TVA lakes stretch from North Carolina's Lake Glenville south to North Georgia and Lake Chatuge. 

Lake Chatuge's purpose was mainly to store water for power generation downstream but a local turbine was installed in 1954.  Unlike many other TVA lakes built in areas with very steep terrain and very remote areas, the gradual terrain around the area makes Lake Chatuge very accessible 


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